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Sunday, December 31, 2006'♥

to all! a happy new year is approaching! may all your wishes come true!

okok.. today, different person posting! DARREN here! ahhaa! first timEe writing heree. yahh!

ALL TBC FAs, there will be a short meeting on the coming wednesday at 6pm at the club room! =)

for everyone!! Wednesday!!! is DIGI Friendship day! it's a day where we welcome backk all IT sch students! back to schh! and into the new year! =D

spread this news! tell all your frends! as long as they are in the sch of IT! tell dem to bring it! to bring a photo! or MOre! we'll be getting the photos and pasting them together! and for each photo brought, there will be a free gift! so whether it is a self portrait!? you n your loved one?! you and your FriEnds?! we welcome you! =)

to all my dearest subcoms!!! we'll be having a small outing very soon!! so do take note ! planning in progress!!! hope to sEe you guys soon!! lovee you guys! =) not forgeting the girls! =x

tk cAreee!!! and a happy new year!!!!

IITSC @Sunday, December 31, 2006

Monday, December 25, 2006'♥


we love santa ! =)

IITSC @Monday, December 25, 2006


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Orientation Leaders Training Camp(OLTC) 2009
11 Mar - 13 Mar 2009

Dinner & Dance 09
26 Mar 2009

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30 Mar 2009

Dragonboat Practice Session
31 Mar 2009

OL Refresh
9 Apr 2009

Week Zero Freshmen Orientation Camp
15 Apr - 17 Apr 2009

IIT DIalogue
24 Apr 2009

Human Wheelbarrel Challenge
24 Apr 2009

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