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Friday, November 28, 2008'♥

Hello All,

These are some of the events from other clubs.
Please email berlinda.iitsc@gmail.com if you are interested to join.

From: Adventure Club and Sports Club

"Laser Challenge" is one of the activities featured in the Sports and Adventure Carnival 2009. Laser Challenge is a Tactical Real Gaming where players use infra-red guns to battle.(Similar to Counter Strike) The Carnival is jointly organized by TP's Sports Club and Adventure Club and will be held on the 16th to 17th January on an overnight basis. One can expect a fusion of high adrenaline activity, fun as well as many exciting prizes up for grabs.

Registration details are as follow:
Registration date: 26th to 28th
NovemberFee: $10 per team ( 5 people per team)

Send in your team's particulars to book a slot for the battle.
Particulars Include:
-Team name
-Names of team members(underline team leader's name)
-Contact number
Collection of payment would be in the later period.

From: Sports Club

Here are the details regarding "La Femme Futbol", the female soccer.
Date: 29 November & 6 December 2008
Time: 8am - 12pm (29nov), 1.45pm (6dec).
Venue: School field
Our registration dates are: 26, 27, 28 of November.
Come as a group of 7 or come by yourself
join in for a fun-filled day of soccer - only for women! :D

From: Business Studies Club

Standard Chartered Marathon 2008 Race Day!
Date: 7 Dec 2008
Venue: PadangPay: Same as Race-Pack Collection
Shirt: Everyone 1 shirt
Time: Meet 6Dec, Night - Transport from school

From: Applied Science Studies Club

We hope to break the record of other polytechnics. Therefore, our aim is to get >300 blood units for this year in order to beat the rest.
LOCATION: Library level 9
TIME: 11am-5pm
* Donors below 18 need parents' consent. They can get the form tomorrow 26 November (the only day) from the library registration counter level 9.
LAST DAY of Event will be on this thursday, 27 November 2008. So hurry!

From: Adventure Club Backpacking trip!

Venue: Cameron Highlands and KL
Date: 17 to 23 dec (6days,6nights)
Fees: $160

Any enquires, contact Berlinda @ 90033042.


IITSC @Friday, November 28, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008'♥

Hi there fellow Subcommittees!

We thank you for your responses for CCN Day and OLE Tampinese! We are still open for registration so if you are interested, please don't hesistate to email jolene.iitsc@gmail.com!

We've decided to extend Open House Registration to everyone till 25th November 2008! So do email your Name, Admin No, Contact No, Email and Size to jolene.iitsc@gmail.com! Please spread to your friends if they wish to join! Especially the year 3s that are not in school! =D

We love you all subcom! =)

IITSC @Thursday, November 13, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008'♥

Hey lovely SubCommittees!

I know it's been ages since we last posted anything! But the important thing is, here we are! =D

OLE Tampines
An event whereby they are to create the longest skating chain!

Celebrities would be there! Like Mark Lee [Not Desmond ah!], Michelle Tay, Irene Ang, Chua Enlai and the SuperBand 2008 finalist, Da Fong Chui!

30th November, 2.30pm-9.30pm
Open field next to Tampinese MRT Station
Job Scope?
Help out Tampines East CC to ensure the safety of the skaters


Interested? Please send it the following to jolene.iitsc@gmail.com:
Contact No:
Admin No:
T-shirt Size:
Food perference:

For more information, click this! There's really a lot more info there!

We only need roughly 10 Subcommittees! So it's a first come first serve basis! But no worries! If you din't get in and wish to participate, you could always participate as a participant!

CCN Day!!

Yes, CCN Day is back here again! This time IITSC will be opening a booth on it's own!

Instead of representing your caregroup back then, how would it feel like to represent IITSC as a SubCommittee?

Date: 14th November
Time: 12pm onwards.

Our booth would be doing spray paints! Easy as that!

Only open to 5-10 Subcommittees!

Please send in the following to jolene.iitsc@gmail.com:
Admin Number:
Contact No:

First come first serve as well! =D

Hope to hear from you!

IITSC @Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008'♥


Today in Campus Relay,
Team IITSC got 6th out of 53!

Lets give them a round of applause!

They are:
WeeYou, Terrance, Nandini, Marcus Ong and Johari! =)

They did us proud!

Another thing to note:

Please go and check it out via our notice board!

Slight Reminder: TPRawks is on the 17-19th of November.

For those who are in, and cannot make it, please email to Desmond at desmond.iitsc@gmail.com by 12th November!

Lots of Love,

IITSC @Sunday, November 02, 2008


Next Up!

Orientation Leaders Training Camp(OLTC) 2009
11 Mar - 13 Mar 2009

Dinner & Dance 09
26 Mar 2009

Touch Rugby Competition
30 Mar 2009

Dragonboat Practice Session
31 Mar 2009

OL Refresh
9 Apr 2009

Week Zero Freshmen Orientation Camp
15 Apr - 17 Apr 2009

IIT DIalogue
24 Apr 2009

Human Wheelbarrel Challenge
24 Apr 2009

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